Holidays in Auckland, New Zealand – Top 5 Places to See When You Visit

For those who have enjoyed travelling through New Zealand’s North Island, or have spent much of their time here, you know that there is plenty to do and plenty to enjoy in Auckland. There are endless events in Auckland, from festivals and parades, to charity walks and guided tours. You will find everything from a family friendly beach to international-standard golf courses. But, with so many options, where should you head for your next holiday? Consider the following ideas to help you plan your next holiday in Auckland, New Zealand.

holidays in auckland new zealand

A short boat ride from downtown Auckland, you can dock at the famous Pearl Harbor to enjoy one of the most beautiful water bodies in the world. The renowned “Horny Marl” is a World War II bomb site now used for educational and environmental purposes. Take a cruise along the harbour and take in the fantastic sights of this underwater attraction. If you love to shop, then the pedestrianised Oxford Street is your place to be. At night, you can see the glow of the Harbour Bridge.

If you have spent any time in Auckland, you’ll understand the popularity of the western side of the city. The main retail areas are located along Orville Road and Church Street. Along these two streets are some of the best restaurants, cafes, bars, and nightspots in the whole city. These include favourites like The Parks Hotel, Le Poire Cafe, and The Standard Hotel. The Warkworth Place Mall is also worth a visit, with its grandiose design and fine dining. One of the great things about these and other area shopping venues is that with so many options available, you can spend your time in Auckland exactly how you want, rather than being forced to fit in traditional retail activities into your holiday schedule.

The western part of Auckland is also home to a number of parks, botanical gardens and nature reserves, which mean you can experience the outdoors in all its glory. Take a walk through the reserve on your way to a fabulous picnic lunch or an afternoon of sightseeing. Or get up early in the morning and pedal to your local cafe for a caffeine fix before you head out again. As well as great outdoors experiences, you can find plenty of ways to stay indoors during your holidays in Auckland. Check out the various hotels and resorts in the area.

While Auckland is well known for its nightlife, you can still enjoy something on the go during your trip. Check out the variety of coffee shops, bars, and restaurants in central Auckland. You can enjoy dinner near the ferry wharf, then walk over to Lyttleton for a night out. There are bars, cafes and pizza places in all these areas, making them convenient, fun, and easy to get to.

When it comes to Auckland’s summer season, there’s never been a better time to take a vacation. Auckland’s beaches are stunning and offer a wide variety of water sports, from swimming, fishing, sailing and snorkeling. Take a tour of the coastline and take advantage of the marine life. You can even book a guided boating trip that’ll take you on trips around some of the more remote beaches in New Zealand. Families will appreciate swimming during the summer, especially if they have small children, as it’s one of the best times for swimming safety in any water. You’ll find Auckland beaches all lined up along the coastline, from Papamoa to Manukau and the North Shore and Ponsonby to Franklin.

Families who love the great outdoors should head out to the bush country of Coromandel and the surrounding districts. It’s an area that’s relatively deserted, so you can have a wonderful family time out in beautiful settings. If you are planning a camping trip, check out the scenic views at Diamond Creek, where there are stunning views over the bay and out to Cook Strait. Coromandel is also home to Mt Ngongotaha, New Zealand’s highest mountain. Make sure you take a picnic lunch; even though it’s summer, expect to pay at least a $20 entry fee to camp in the bush. The views and wildlife are definitely worth your time.

For something truly unique and special, you might want to consider a day trip to thermals of Auckland. There are many cultural events, including the annual Mangere Festival and the annual Auckland Comedy Festival. For something a bit more special, why not book a trip to see the legendary caves of Greymouth and Whakarewarewa? Both of these popular festivals draw crowds of tourists, so it’s always worth taking a family trip to experience New Zealand culture and its great outdoors.