South Island Holidays – Making the Most of Your Holiday in New Zealand

South Island of New Zealand is famous for its dramatic landscapes, glaciers and lakes. The Southern Alps, home of 3,7 24M-high Aorak Icefalls, runs along the length of the island. In the south is Fiordland National Park with its steep-sided Milford Sound and extensive secluded no-go areas.

new zealand south island holidays

In the north is the iconic Queenstown region, best known for its secluded mountain resorts and world famous Hot tip glaciers. The fiord-packed Milford Sound in the south has many white beaches suitable for swimming or fishing. The region is famous for white water rafting, kayaking, hiking and bird-watching. For mountain bikers, there are hundreds of challenging tracks.

The most popular and visually appealing tourist attractions in the South Island of New Zealand are the cities of Auckland (New Zealand’s largest city and its commercial hub) and Wellington (its capital city). Auckland has a cosmopolitan flair with an energetic nightlife and a range of cultural and shopping venues. Wellington is a vibrant city teeming with culture, history, heritage and modern activities. The latter is very popular for its festivals and events, including the annual Orana Festival. Other popular sites in the south include Christchurch, which is New Zealand’s oldest city, and Queenstown, renowned for its trekking tracks. With its crystal clear waters, plenty of marine life and peaceful setting, it is a popular family holiday destination.

Queenstown is known for being a top destination for skiers and snowboarders and offers more than just outdoor activities. For sightseers, there are miles of walking and hiking tracks and lovely views of the countryside. Queenstown lodges in the south west are popular for honeymoons, weddings and other special occasions. They are set amid spectacular scenery and surrounded by crystal clear streams, lakes and rivers. Some are even close to the Zois or Rotorua airport. For those who are interested in the outdoors, you will be surprised at the variety of adventure activities available on Queenstown properties.

In addition to popular international attractions, the south islands of New Zealand have many natural beauty settings to offer. The mountains of the north island are home to Rotorua and Kaikoura, while the clear blue waters of the lakes in the south give plenty of fishing and swimming opportunities. The glaciers are also a sight to be seen in both areas.

With their location in the Northern Hemisphere, the islands are naturally very popular with northern hemisphere travellers. There are a number of companies that cater specifically to this market. Queenstown lodge is a good example of this. Located on Queenstown’s South Island, they have comfortable surrounds, comfortable rooms and access to all the amenities you could need. The area is also ideal for those who want to get away from the crowds and have a more personal, spa-like experience.

For those on their first holiday in New Zealand, Queenstown and Kaikoura is a good place to start. However, they are not the only popular destination in the south. Hawkes Bay, which is situated between the North and South Islands, is also worth considering for a first holiday. It offers easy access to cities such as Wellington and further afield Christchurch, while its picturesque landscape is ideal for photography enthusiasts.

Another popular destination in the South Island of New Zealand for holiday makers to choose is Nelson, which is the largest city on the island. Nelson is home to a wide range of activities, including the iconic Deep South Classic Car Rally, as well as plenty of entertainment options. There is also plenty to do in terms of shopping, dining and night life, making it an exciting place to spend time during your trip to the South Island. You will also find some great places to go for mountain biking, kayaking and fishing – just some of the many exciting activities you can enjoy during your time off holidaying in New Zealand.

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